Baroness Morgein Hawkwood

The "Rogue Baroness"


Roguishly handsome and devastatingly charismatic, Morgein Hawkwood is at one and the same time one of the most popular and most scandalous members of her house. At 29 years, she displays the distinctive Hawkwood physique – but parts company with the standard “look” in all other ways. She is partial to the exotic dress of the al-Malik, although she sometimes sports the gritty, no-nonsense attire popular among the Muster. Rumors abound that the Rogue Baroness, as she is called in social circles, is actually the issue of her mother, Lady Augusta Hawkwood (now deceased) and a Decados lover. Although Morgein has undoubtedly heard these rumors, she has never addressed them directly to confirm or deny them – adding a spark of veracity to the speculations (LotR 26).

Her small estate on Ravenna is administered in her absence by her aunt, Lady Elwynn, since the Baroness prefers to spend her time aboard her private ship jaunting from planet to planet, inflicting herself on the hospitality of whatever house rules there. She is one of the few Hawkwoods to actively seek the company of younger members of House Decados and Hazat, thumbing her nose at family members who accuse her of treachery (LotR 26).

Notorious for her general disregard of the usual protocols of “courtly love,” Morgein flaunts her multiple lovers, sometimes arriving at an official function unannounced and with a trio (or more) of paramours in her train. The Baroness also has contacts among the Scravers and Engineers, and many suspect that she has availed herself of more than one cybernetic implant. Her far-flung travels have led to gossip that Morgein actually works for the Imperial Eye, using her reprobate lifestyle as a cover for her real activities on behalf of the Empire (LotR 26).


Baroness Morgein Hawkwood

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