Duke Alvarex Hawkwood

Emperor Alexius' younger brother


Emperor Alexius’ younger brother by a year, Duke Alvarex Hawkwood bears a strong enough physical resemblance to the Emperor that he is occasionally mistaken for him by those that have never seen the two of them together. Once a staunch supporter of his brother’s rise to power, now the Duke finds himself increasingly critical of of Alexius’ policies, particularly those which emphasize the Emperor’s determination to downplay his house affiliations. Lacking Alexius’ charismatic manner, Alvarex more often alienates those whose favor he attempts to court. Despite this, his military expertise makes him a valuable tactician whose services are often sought by the Imperial Fleet – a force which Alvarex believes he should command in his brother’s name (LotR 25).

Duke Alvarex maintains an extensive estate on Ravenna: in fact, it was his brother’s estate until Alexius assumed the throne and ceded it to his brother. Here the duke hosts many like-minded family members, treating them to hunting parties and gala festivities, hoping to win their support for instituting a Hawkwood lobby on Byzantium Secundus (among them Count Faustus Hawkwood). Unfortunately, his off-putting personality works against him and it seems unlikely that his efforts to insinuate himself into his brother’s counsel will succeed without divine intervention. To this effect, some say, Alvarex has begun courting influential members of the Orthodoxy (LotR 26).


Duke Alvarex Hawkwood

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