Duke Zgismund Decados

Responsible for beginning the Hawkwood-Decados rivalry


Duke Zgismund Decados offered to marry his sister to Fergal ap Llwyn, the scion of one of the chief families on Gwynneth, and made veiled threats about “dire consequences” if he should refuse his offer. Fergal chose Analise Hawkwood and, on the morning of their ceremony, Analise Hawkwood was found dead in her chambers with her throat cut (LotR 17)

House Hawkwood made a formal complaint to Duke Zgismund in the aftermath of Lord Cyprian Hawkwood‘s murder investigation. The duke denied any involvement in Gwynneth’s internal matters, instead congratulating Lord Cyprian on his daughter’s “courageous act of self-sacrifice to further her father’s expansionist ambitions,” igniting the Hawkwood-Decados rivalry that remains today (LotR 17).


Duke Zgismund Decados

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