Jakob Decados

Established the Jakovian Agency


When a Hawkwood diplomatic ship made the voyage to Severus in 2818, it was greeted with a broadcast by Duke Antonin Decados, self-proclaimed “scion to an ancient and newly reborn lineage” – a man who had previously been the security minister to House Gloucester. At his side stood his brother, Jakob Decados, one-time intelligence minister for House Gloucester (LotR 32).

Established the Jakovian Agency (LotR 33).

After thirty years, the situation became critical and the black-hearted Hawkwoods showed their true colors: Hawkwood legates on the Decados ship the Alexander killed Jakob Decados during a peace summit, and with his death came the realization of how things were to be between the two houses (LotR 34).


Jakob Decados

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