Lord Randall Hawkwood

Supporter of Gwynneth's "forest people"


The younger brother of Baron Clement Hawkwood, who oversees a sizable barony on Gwynneth, Randall has developed a reputation as a populist and a supporter of Gwynneth’s “forest people” – the pagan tribes that dwell deep within the planet’s vast forests. Disapproved of by his brother and nearly thrown out of the family for his early support of the rights of serfs and his participation in several failed “peasant actions” against his brother, Randall was exiled for a year and a day by Clement. Forbidden to enter his brother’s lands, Randall sought refuge in the wilderness, where he was discovered by a tribe of “tree worshiping pagans.” When he finally resurfaced after an absence of three years (during which his brother assumed him dead), he emerged as a confirmed advocate of the right of the pagans to live their own lives without persecution from the Church for their heretical beliefs. Some suspect that Randall has, in fact, fallen away from the Church, although he still professes to follow the Orthodox faith. He is considered something of a social embarrassment due to his propensity for publicly defending the pagans at banquets, balls, and other occasions for the nobility to gather. Some predict that it is only a matter of time before he comes under the scrutiny of the Inquisition (LotR 27).

Tall and muscular, with dark brown hair and rugged features, Randall Hawkwood disdains the formal attire of his house, preferring to dress in the sturdy, wilderness-friendly garments of the people for whom he acts as spokesman. When he does affect house garb, usually for a rare appearance at some house function, he seems everything a Hawkwood should be – until he holds forth in his crusade for “his” pagans (LotR 27).


Lord Randall Hawkwood

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