List of Groups

House Hawkwood

House Decados
- Jakovian Agency – intelligence agency (LotR 33)
Information is power, as the old adage would have it. The Jakovian Agency is the seat of such power in House Decados, and is one of the oldest organizations in Decados history, in fact tracing back to Jakob Decados, the first Minister of Intelligence for House Decados for some thirty years until his murder by Hawkwood extremists. The agency which he organized and ran is responsible for the flow of information into, out of, and throughout the entire house, and is ruthless in the enforcement of its task. It controls all philosophical, scientific ventures that occur within House Decados, and supervises education and propaganda efforts (LotR 43).
- Kossacks – the strong-arm of the Jakovian Agency (LotR 43)
- Mantis League – Decados assassin’s guild (LotR 33)
- Soul Insurgents – Decados mentally invasive intelligence corps developed during the Emperor Wars (LotR 44)
- Genetech Cartel – The Genetechs began as a guild of surgeons and scientists who specialized in genetic manipulation with the goal of body modification – literally re-writing a body’s genetic code – dedicated totally to House Decados (LotR 45)

House al-Malik

House Li Hilan

House Hazat

List of Groups

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