After the fall, the borders of the Known Worlds shrank. Some worlds deliberately cut themselves off from jump travel by blockading their gates and attacking anyone who tried entering their systems. Others lost their ability to reach space as civil wars destroyed starships and factories to repair them. Most worlds were too busy to aid the small backworlds and, after years of dealing with their own struggles, they often forgot about these worlds or had lost the jump coordinates to reach them in the massive data purges of Church Inquisitors (FSRPG 31).

Certain worlds “sealed” their jumpgates, cutting themselves off from the madness going on around them for an unknown amount of time. Those with technological know-how and a detailed understanding of jumpgates can seal the gate – that is, shut down all travel from one or more directions. However, once this is done, no one can control when the gate to those directions can be opened again. The seal may last a week or it may last for centuries; no one knows. The time is governed by an internal mechanism in the gate which is too arcane to be understood. Some of the worlds which sealed themselves off during the Fall have yet to reappear (FSRPG 31).

Untold numbers of planets were cut off from humanity’s central civilization, some to be rediscovered later, others to disappear from history forever. Who knows how many lost planets in the depths of space will support human life? (FSRPG 31).

Known Worlds
Aylon (Okh’cha) (FSRPG 27)
Istakhr (Kradle) (FSRPG 27)

Barbarian Worlds

Alien Worlds
Apshai (New Monaco)

Lost Worlds
Ustar – colonized by the Ur-Ukar before first contact with humans. Located near Kordeth. (FSRPG 27)


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