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Ducal Manifesto
“Consider everything – and everyone – a resource. They exist merely to further your goals. Use them for their worth, and abandon them at your discretion. Even your enemies are resources – true wisdom lies in using your enemies so that even your defeat is to your benefit.” – Maxim 5 (LotR 31)

“Information is the currency with which one can buy the Republic.” – Maxim 12 (LotR 37)

“Cultivate allies, control accomplices, subjugate inferiors, avoid witnesses.” – Maxim 37 (LotR 38)

“Your forces are like your dress saber: both must be polished, and ready to cut an enemy down without notice. A little flourish is nice – a sharp blade, better.” – Maxim 83 (LotR 42)

“Etiquette is like a cloak – it can be gaudy and ostentatious, and it can conceal a dagger.” – Maxim 104 (LotR 35)

“The worlds are trophies to your excellence.” – Maxim 198 (Lotr 39)

Secular Texts

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