Natasha Decados

Price Hyram's Niece


Natasha Decados’ whereabouts are a mystery, but Prince Hyram Decados’s niece and her network of supporters have earned intergalactic attention in their attempts to thwart Decados expansion and reveal Decados treacheries (LotR 47).

Natasha was raised in the Prince’s own household, her parents having been killed for treason just after her birth. She was an excellent student, mastering unarmed combat and a variety of weapons as well as demonstrating a keen mind, but she was always highly critical of the Decados way; it was only because of her great promise as a leader, warrior, and strategist that she was not exiled. In time she quieted, and it was assumed that she embraced her heritage. She served as diplomat on Byzantium Secundus, and some believe she was a Jakovian spy (LotR 47).

She disappeared en route to Severus, and at first House Hawkwood was blamed – but her house soon learned that she was in hiding, and actively working against her own family. It is feared exactly how much she knows and how much damage she could do, and Decados citizens are under orders to take her alive at all costs (LotR 47).


Natasha Decados

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