Prince Hyram Decados

Head of House Decados


Hyram is an enormous man fond of body piercings and bare flesh: he would be crippled, thanks to a would-be assassin’s bullet which severed his spinal cord, but the cybernetic legs which support his massive upper body allow him some measure of mobility. He does not often reveal these spindly constructs – an unusual act of modesty for a Decados – typically wrapping his lower body in rich cloths. He is a man fond of displaying his opulence, with many jeweled rings on all of his fingers. But he has certainly mellowed with age: he no longer hosts debaucheries on holy days, and he has discussed dismantling the Eunuch League, the Prince’s historic personal servants, whose gossamer kilts do little to conceal their scars – which often causes distress for visiting nobles and churchmen (LotR 46).


Prince Hyram Decados has ruled his house for over 30 years, yet he has now apparently turned away from Imperial politics – to the astonishment of many – in favor of deep space exploration. No doubt he still keeps a steady eye on the doings of his many enemies, but something must have come to his attention that would make him personally interested in unknown space (LotR 46).

Hyram’s own supporters consider him a manipulative, iron-fisted despot. However, in this respect he continues a long line of Decados despots, and the House is fully used to such behavior – the Prince must be the epitome of the Decados way. Hyram is doubtless one of the least-trusted and most universally-despised men in the Known Worlds (LotR 47).

Some Decados believe that Hyram is to blame for losing the Emperor Wars and shall bring his house to ruin; others believe that their Prince has a proverbial ace up his sleeve. Only time will tell (LotR 47).

Prince Hyram Decados

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